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Why NHS Issues Are Not Putting Off New Graduates

The NHS has had plenty of negative publicity of late, with staff strikes, record waiting lists caused by the Covid backlog, challenges such as the large number of people with Long Covid and concerns that the government’s pledge to build 40 new hospitals will not be fulfilled.

Yet for all this and concerns about the long-term future of the NHS, which has just celebrated its 75th birthday, it is clear there are still millions who are very keen to work in the health service, ensuring no NHS recruitment agency will be left without a lot to do.

As the BBC reports, one of Brian’s newest medical schools has just celebrated its first graduations, with 81 people emerging from Anglia Ruskin University ready to take up careers in the NHS.

For instance, new graduate Demi Bola-Ojo from Essex said: "Being on placement, it hasn't always been the easiest place to work in," but added that it was an “amazing” experience. She will initially work as a junior hospital doctor in Chelmsford but wants to become a GP afterwards.

Albion Thaqi from Woking said the “resilience” of the NHS attracted him, adding: “For somebody who works in the NHS, to have your role valued and appreciated, as much as you value and appreciate your role - I think is important."

Just as graduate doctors will be entering the profession with enthusiasm and a sense of pride in their mission, even though they know the challenges it can bring, non-medical staff being recruited may do likewise.

There remain many disputes in the NHS, with junior doctors still striking over pay despite a six per cent upgrade.

However, this may be put in perspective because this is far from unique to NHS workers, as pay-related strikes have been taking place across a range of industries from rail workers to teachers, from civil servants to lighthouse workers.

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