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What Is A Booking Scheduler?

The role of a booking scheduler is an incredibly important one which allows an organisation to run smoothly and reduce the waiting times of both staff and patients.

A booking scheduler helps to facilitate booking all appointments for outpatients, ensure there are no overlaps and take care of organising appointments and keeping them up to date and organised as well as see to various admin and clerical duties.

There is also a high level of customer service involved as you will deal directly with both staff and patients and need to communicate professionally and patiently with them.

It is vital that a booking scheduler is able to properly communicate with patients. This involves making follow-up phone calls, calling to reschedule missed appointments, responding to emails and messages as well as sending out reminders to patients awaiting appointments.

This includes finding a time that is suitable for all parties as well as ensuring the patient has access to all the information and care they need.

This role is vital in ensuring the smooth running and processing of all patients and making sure every need is met. If patients are not kept updated, they may fall behind on appointments and this can cause problems later down the line.

There must be a high degree of professionalism, empathy and compassion when working with patients as many sensitive situations require the utmost care and consideration.

This is especially important when discussing important, personal information with patients that is necessary for booking appointments and procedures.

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