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What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Admissions Officer

Admissions officers are vital to ensure hospitals run smoothly and efficiently. They act as liaisons between patients and staff and provide an essential role in the patient admissions process. Admissions officers complete a range of roles and have many responsibilities day to day, without which a hospital may not be able to run effectively.

One of the key tasks that must be completed is patient registration. Admissions officers are responsible for accurately registering patients in the hospital system upon their arrival.

This includes inputting personal details, accessing relevant records and assigning the patients to the area they need to visit. This is all helpful in ensuring doctors and patients know who they need to see and where they are in the hospital at all times.

Similarly, admissions officers are also in charge of discharging and transferring patients as well as ensuring all details are up to date and correct across all systems. Admissions officers may also be tasked with scheduling appointments. This includes scheduling appointments on the system, ensuring both patient and doctor are available for the appointment and there are no overlaps, as well as contacting both patients and staff to notify them.

The inability to correctly schedule appointments and contact doctors, nurses and patients to make them aware of their appointments would result in the hospital being chaotic and unorganised. This helps to maintain a strict and easily followed routine for all involved.

Another key role of the admissions officer is to be a friendly and approachable face within the hospital. They act as an initial point of contact for patients, so therefore must provide quality customer service in a professional and respectful way.

This helps to create a welcoming and supportive environment for patients who may be struggling with a variety of issues and can help them feel calmer and at peace with the care they are going to receive.

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