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Preparing for your Performance Review

Performance reviews can be intimidating, but preparing for them can help alleviate some of that stress. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the job, properly preparing for a performance review is essential to your career growth. This blog will provide you with some tips and tricks to maximise your performance review so you can make the most of it.


Review Your Own Performance

Before attending a performance review, it's important to evaluate your own performance. Consider what you've done well, what could have gone better and identify any areas for improvement. This will help guide your discussion during the performance review. By acknowledging your achievements and areas for improvement beforehand, you demonstrate your commitment to self-improvement.


Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

Performance reviews provide an opportunity to demonstrate your value to the organisation and your contributions to the team. Make sure you keep track of all your accomplishments in the weeks or months leading up to your review. Documentation could be in the form of a weekly or monthly report, a journal or diary where you record milestones or even an email folder, where you save your wins. If you can provide evidence to back up your claims, you stand a better chance of receiving a positive performance review result.


Prepare Questions

During the performance review, your boss will ask you questions, but don't be afraid to have some questions of your own. Asking questions will demonstrate your engagement and eagerness to grow within the company. If there are changes in your job description, it's important to be aware and clear on what your new responsibilities are.


Explain Your Goals to Your Boss

Your boss may have their own set of goals in mind, but don't hesitate to clearly explain your own career goals. They might be different from your current job description or their vision for you in the organisation, but by aligning both of your goals, you increase your standing within the company. Your boss might be open to adjusting your role to fit what you want to achieve, if they know what these goals are.


Preparing for a performance review well in advance can help reduce your stress and anxiety during the actual review. Remember, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be to make the most out of this valuable meeting.

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