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NHS Vacancies In England Reach Five-Year High In Staffing Crisis

The number of vacancies in the NHS in England has jumped to a five-year high, with 133,000 posts in the Health service unfilled.

Figures from NHS Data revealed the number was at its greatest since 2017 and come at a time when the need for the service to use NHS recruitment agency help is particularly high, due to the backlog of treatments caused by the pandemic and ongoing fears of a ‘twindemic’ of Covid and flu cases occurring this winter.

As of March 2019, there were 119,597 people employed by the NHS in England, of which 88.2% were in medical roles and 12.8% were in non-medical roles [1]. Vacancies for non-clinical roles in the NHS in England were estimated to be 8% (105,855) in the first quarter of 2022 [3]. There are various strategies being implemented by the NHS to address these workforce shortages, such as encouraging more people to take up non-clinical roles, providing additional training and development, and improving recruitment and retention practices.

In a blog last month, co-chair of the GP Data Patient and Public Engagement and Communications Advisory Panel Eileen Philips said the body is seeking to recruit people who are sceptical of digitisation to its public consultancy panel. She explained that this would be to permit challenges, questions and objections to be fully heard, considered and examined while developing services.

Source Recruit are an established and trusted NHS recruitment agency, with a proven track record of successfully placing over 5000 candidates into NHS Trusts across the UK. Our commitment to meeting the individual needs of our clients has enabled us to reduce vacancies and help Trusts find the right people for their roles. Through taking the time to understand your requirements, we can ensure that our candidates match your specific needs, helping you to fill all your vacancies rapidly.

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